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Biography & Discography

Witnesses was born in 2016. The releases below span different genres--including cinematic soundscapes, dark folk, and metal.

Complete discography

  • The Collapse -- releasing Oct 2021

  • Poltergeists I EP -- released May 2021 (limited cassette on Veinte 33 Records - SOLD OUT)

  • IV -- released February 2021

  • Doom II -- released 2020 (limited CD release - SOLD OUT)

  • III -- released 2019

  • Poltergeists I -- released 2019 (single)

  • Everything is worse -- released 2019 (single)

  • To disappear and to be nothing -- released 2019 (limited CD release)

  • When a dark age comes, hold the light inside -- released 2019 (single)

  • II -- released 2018 (limited CD release)

  • They're hanging me tonight -- released 2017 (Marty Robbins cover)

  • The ghost of John B. -- released 2017 (Beach Boys cover) 

  • -- released 2017 (limited CD release)


Select Interviews

Metal Temple, August 2020

Noob Heavy - August, 2020

Passion & Meaning - December, 2019

The Noise Beneath the Snow - December, 2019

The New Noise - November, 2019 (in Italian)

Metal Horizons - April, 2019

Soundscape Magazine - May, 2018

Select Reviews

"Man, Witnesses is truly unstoppable."​

Zach Reeder, Zax Record Reviews - June 2021 (Poltergeists I EP)

"Lorsque la simplicité confine à ce point l’évidence, c’est que l’on touche à une sorte de petit chef-d’œuvre."​

Ben, Mes enceintes font défaut - May 2021 (Poltergeists I EP, in French)

"Let me tell you, this album could not have come out at a better time, this is absolutely perfect for the winter time."

Zach Reeder, Zax Records and Reviews - January 2021 (IV)

"The feel is dark, dank, and oppressive. It’s as if you’re witnessing a crime unfolding, like there’s been a murder."

 Lee Beamish, The Sleeping Shaman - January 2021 (IV)

"[A]n atmospheric doom metal masterpiece".

 Grim Gaijin, The Dungeon in Deep Space - December 2020 (Doom II)

"If my mental and emotional state could be encapsulated into an album released this year, this is it".

 Wil Cifer, No Clean Singing - December 2020 (Doom II)

"Περιπετειώδες, κινηματογραφικό doom άκουσμα που αψηφά με σοφία τους «κανόνες» του".

 Πάνο Ζαρκαδούλα, Rocking - October 2020 (Doom II, in Greek)

"The opening ‘On This Black Ocean’ sets the pace beautifully, ‘Worse With Time’ is a Classic Doom dirge backed by haunting synths, and ‘Who Were You Before All This’ quietly builds up to a blasting climax."

Chris Latta, Ghost Cult Magazine - August 2020 (Doom II)

"Indicado a quem procura por criatividade, ecletismo e melodias profundas, em resumo, música dotada de inteligência."

Fábio Miloch, Metal Na Lata - July 2020 (Doom II, in Portuguese)

"This album is amazing! Truly a masterpiece! The vocals are simply amazing with very nice range and emotion throughout. The instrumentation is just perfect."

Ryan Murray, Ethereal Metal Webzine - July 2020 (Doom II)

"If you want an album to blast your blues away, this probably isn’t it. If you want to ponder the haunting and unraveling threads of humanity, this is your port of call — you know, just right there by the rustic village."

Gary G. Hernandez, Metal Temple - July 2020 (Doom II)

"Uncertainty, sorrow, and melancholy characterize this record, and if that isn’t representative of 2020 as a whole, I don’t know what does. Oh yeah, its got fat ass riffs too, don’t forget the fat ass riffs. Everybody loves those!"

Zax, Noob Heavy - July 2020 (Doom II)

"In light of these troubling times, it’s critical, now more than ever, that artists are still inspired, and creating monumental music, and none are doing so in a more interesting way than Witnesses, who have produced this real gem of an album."

Lee Beamish, The Sleeping Shaman - June 2020 (Doom II)

"Είναι απορίας άξιο το γεγονός ότι αυτή εδώ είναι μια αυτοχρηματοδοτούμενη κυκλοφορία και ότι μια μπάντα τόσο υψηλής ποιότητας δεν έχει κάποιο δισκογραφικό συμβόλαιο (εκτός κι αν  αποτελεί επιλογή τους)."

Chryssa Giourmetaki, Greek Rebels - June 2020 (Doom II, in Greek)

"Doom doesn’t always have to smother; in the hands of Witnesses, led by primary songwriter and musician Greg Schwan, doom elevates."

Ivan Belcic, Invisible Oranges - May 2020 (Doom II)

"Witnesses have an album of the year contender on their hands with Doom II. Musically diverse and emotionally vulnerable, it’s just a goddamn good piece of music. I really don’t care to say much more about it, because it will do no justice to the work. It’s a masterpiece. Listen to it. You will regret it if you don’t."

Peter Morsellino, Antichrist Magazine - May 2020 (Doom II)

"To Disappear and Be Nothing is their first foray into Katatonia-laced melodic doom and I love it."

Black Metal Porkins, Toilet ov Hell - December 2019 (To disappear and to be nothing)